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Lee S.

Denise and Randy Wilkerson have hit a literal “Homerun” with this amazing book called “Hire with Fire!” Don’t let the size of the book fool you, it is jam packed with golden nuggets that anyone in Management, Recruiting and Hiring responsibilities will be enriched by. The way I learn, teach and train is by story telling and analogies. This book held me captive as the authors used the dating model analogy to bring to life hiring techniques that anyone can relate to. Once I started reading, I found it hard to put the book down! If you’re looking for a fresh new way to hire, do it with Fire! PS. I’ve already ordered their next book “Interview with Desire and Get Hired!

Hiring Manager

Matt Aultman

Denise and Randy provide an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction, and a dedication to playing a large role in achieving and surpassing your career goals. I would not recommend anyone if I did not have complete faith, trust, and confidence in them. If given the opportunity to work with Denise and Randy, I would not hesitate and encourage you to do the same

District Manager Pharmaceutical Sales

Mike Denker

Denise is my favorite recruiter of all time. You can’t ask someone to find character if they don’t possess it. You can’t ask someone to find work ethic if they don’t have it. You can’t ask the unintelligent to find intelligence. Denise has a full tank of all three. That’s what makes her the best. The advice she shares is from the field where they use live ammo and the stakes are high. You’ll get the insights that will help you win the war for talent.

Area Director Medical Device and Software

Best Books on Interviewing and Hiring Candidates in 2022

8 Must-Read Books on Interviewing Candidates
If you are a leader and/or work in the field of hiring and are tasked with interviewing candidates, these hand-picked recommendations of books should definitely be part of your reading list.


“I love a good book about recruitment practices.”

I love a good book about recruitment practices.  “Hire with Fire” correlates good recruiting with dating so it makes things practical.

Reader and Follower

Tom Fowler, III

[This book is for] “…those seeking a more human approach to HR.

Senior Vice President State Bank of Southwest Missouri

Rita Wright Gurian

Hiring an engaged, efficient and competent workforce is the beginning of a healthy organization… Hire with Fire gives great ideas for doing just that

Retired Healthcare Executive and Professional Development Coach

Reggie Steward

I first worked with Denise as a candidate getting interviewed then (in my current role) as a manager/director conducting interviews. She is fantastic in both facets. I much prefer the latter!

Regional Sales Director Medical Sales

Book Reviews from Amazon

Very informative!

I loved reading this book [HIRE with FIRE] because it talks about all the things we ignore about what is going on in the hiring process and everything that leads up to it!

Amazon Customer

Useful, thought-provoking, and fun!

As someone who has often been on both sides of the hiring managers desk–perhaps too often–I wasn’t sure which perspective would stand out to me. Thanks to the focus on relationship building, and the brilliant use of a “dating” relationship as an analogy. I was sufficiently entertained to let go of my rather prejudicial mode of analysis! Un-textbook-like and entertaining, I found myself instead comparing the steps to my own internal processes, and actually helping me identify that I did indeed have them. Useful, thought-provoking, and fun!  [HIRE with FIRE]

Amazon Customer

A must-read for insight into the hiring process!

Genuine, tried-and-tested instruction and guidance from caring and professional experts, who have the know-how and who are passionate and devoted to excellence and to providing the best for their consumers. [HIRE with FIRE]

Amazon Customer

Two Thumbs Up!!

HIRE WITH FIRE gives many practical ideas on how to reach out to potential candidates for a win-win interview process! A Must-Read for those in a hiring position.

Amazon Customer

Interesting Take On Recruiting

Interesting and informative look at hiring and recruiting and the relationship between HR and management professionals and recruits. Great read for anyone with the responsibility for finding the best candidates for their open positions. [HIRE with FIRE]
Amazon Customer
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