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How to Ace the Interview, Sell Yourself & Get Your Dream Job

Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers

INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED was written to help you ace the interview, sell yourself, and get your dream job.

The authors provide valuable interview tips, as well as information on how to prepare for an interview.  Their insight will enhance your job interview preparation, interviewing skills, transform how you view your personal brand, and give you a glimpse inside the mind of the interviewer.

Functioning as an interview guide, it offers information to both new graduates and career professionals on how to plan a career, as well as assistance during times of change, such as reductions-in-force (RIF’s), lay-offs, and downsizings. 

INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED! offers a variety of topics related to interview preparation including how to write a resume, how to interview for a job, how to answer top interview questions, and how to sell yourself during an interview.

Learn how to showcase your skills, character, past accomplishments, and enthusiasm to the interviewer. By marketing these traits, you will increase your confidence and gain a competitive advantage over other candidates.


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What Readers are Saying

September 21, 2021 Kandi Neal, writes about INTERVIEW WITH DESIRE AND GET HIRED,

 “Looking for a job can be a job in itself. If you feel stuck in the weeds of monotony, this book is for you. Many times, we don’t know our worth, and for that reason, we sell ourselves short when interviewing. You’ll learn how to sell yourself, create confidence, and show your potential employer that you would make an incredible asset to the team. Using a six-step approach, Denise will break down the best strategies for creating the work-life that you desire. With a bit of humor mixed into these simple strategies, you’ll be sure to find your way out of the job-hunting maze in no time.”

Great tips & information for job-seekers!

INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED! is well-written and full of useful information for anyone seeking new employment or advancement in their current field. The authors explain in detail how to accomplish your career goals by preparing you to succeed at each step of the hiring process, using both experience and humor as illustration. It is an easy-to-follow guide that strengthens you with the confidence to sell yourself and takes you from career planning to accepting job offers.

The idea of a career change or entering the workforce for the first time can be intimidating, but the insights and valuable tips from this book will help you market your experience, skills, and connections and GET HIRED!

Amazon Customer

Selling Yourself 101!

Great resume and interview advice! From start to finish this book [INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED!] is laid out in a clear and organized fashion. The writing style makes it feel conversational while taking the reader step by important step through the interview process. My son will be interviewing soon for law internships, I’m giving him this book to read as he hasn’t yet experienced many interviews so he’s starting at square one, however, because this book is contemporary, it’s strategy and advice will be what I also refer to the next time I change jobs. I’m excited to have this great tool for my son’s start in the “real” world!

Amazon Customer

Well done!

Well thought out, informative and well written. As a business owner, I can honestly say that if I could get candidates to follow even half of the advice of this book [INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED!] I would be thrilled, and they would be moved forward on my hiring list. The authors are very knowledgeable and manage to impart that knowledge thoroughly, yet in an engaging and many times humorous manner. If you are looking to make a job change, or are new to the job force, I highly recommend this book to help you get the extra edge you need to get hired.

Amazon Customer

Very helpful!

Very helpful for my interviews [INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED!]

Amazon Customer

A Must Read for Anyone Interviewing for a Job

This book [INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED!] is perfect for anyone who will be going on any type of job interview, no matter if it’s entry level or top level executive. The authors give tips that most people never think of.

Example: “Tell me about yourself” – what do you say? or, even better, what SHOULD you say?
“Why Should I Hire You?” – what would you say? Now, what SHOULD you say?

No matter how seasoned you are, the interview process is still nerve wracking. This book will help ease the tension and help anyone with the process.

I got the Kindle version and it’s very well done.

Highly Recommend!

Amazon Customer

Amazing Content for Anyone Seeking Entry Level or Senior Postion

At first, I thought this book [INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED!] was designed specifically for high level sales position interviews, however I learned quickly this book is for anyone and everyone looking to get into the job of their dreams. Whether you’re fresh in the job market searching for an entry level position, or you’ve been involved for years in your industry and preparing to make the next big leap.

This book is an incredible tool to use to prepare yourself and get the right perspective before your next interview. The length of the audio book is roughly 3 hours long – very reasonable length to prepare and cover all the necessary bases prior to your interview.

The book is co-authored by two recruiters who have been refining their work for two decades and have an immense amount of knowledge shared in the book. It covers everything from personal self awareness, managing your communication during the application process, doing the right homework to prepare accordingly to your interview and much more.

People pay hundreds of dollars for mentoring or consulting services to break into their industry, but this information in its convenient form of an audio book should be at the top of your list if you are wanting to learn how to make the breakthrough in your next job interview.

Amazon Customer

Learn Job Interview Preparation Tips and Techniques

Follow along as the authors discuss
how to answer common interview questions, such as:

Your Interviewer asks “Why Should We Hire You?”

How would you answer this question?

Are you answering it correctly?

This popular job interview question has been around for years. Answering it correctly requires a deep understanding of four things: the company, its products, the interviewer, and most importantly, you.

It also requires you to make a pitch.  Maybe you are not a salesperson. We understand. However, you still have something of value to sell… YOU!

Learn how to prepare for your next job interview through this job interview preparation book INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED!

Six Steps to Help You Prepare for A Job Interview

The authors use the word, “DESIRE,” as an acronym to carefully explain and help you remember their six-step plan which will help you gain a competitive advantage over other candidates. 

As the owner of one of the nation’s leading executive search firms, Denise Wilkerson, along with her business partner and husband, Randy Wilkerson, creates a proactive career plan for you to follow. Their industry knowledge, years of experience, passion for assisting job seekers, and occasional humor will energize you to revamp your career goals. Join them as they plan six successful steps to win the job.

Best Job Interview Preparation Book for Job Seekers

Be confident going into your next job interview with the best job interview preparation, by reading INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED! 

Landing your next job in today’s world takes more than a good resume.

It takes  DESIRE!

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