How to Handle Gaps on Your Resume

When asked by an interviewer, do you know how to handle gaps on your resume?

First, answer an interviewer’s questions fully in a clear and concise manner without rambling. Be thorough and stay within the premise of the topic asked.

When answering questions about gaps in your resume. It’s important to have a prepared response to this inquiry. Gaps happen for various reasons, but an unsubstantiated gap in your resume will need to be explained.  Always answer the question honestly. If you were laid off or downsized, tell the interviewer how many other people were laid off and if this was the first wave of lay-offs or you were able to make it to the second wave. Offer them references from the employer you were laid off from.

If you took time off for personal or family reasons, tell the situation briefly, move on with the discussion, and avoid details. Simply state that you took time off for personal or family needs, and the issues have been resolved and you are able to be devoted completely to this role, should it be offered to you. Again, the interviewer does not need to know the details of your situation. They only need to know that you can successfully perform the job duties if given the position.

Knowing how to handle gaps in your resume will make you more confident during an interview. The question can be a tough one, but preparing your answer in advance will help you shine through.

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An excerpt from INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED! written by Denise and Randy Wilkerson

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