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Hire with Fire is an educational and entertaining hiring book that acts as an interview guide for managers who want to hire the right people – engaged, A players, high achievers, and top performers.

In this noteworthy hiring book, you will explore best practices for how to interview people. The authors offer four key traits to help you select and hire the best people, A players, and top talent. In addition, through their relationship-driven approach to interviewing and hiring, you will build an engaged workforce filled with top performers. The processes discussed are designed to improve the candidate experience, teach you how to interview, how to hire the right people, build your employer brand, and create an engaging work culture.

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Hiring decisions can be challenging for even the most experienced managers. You want to hire top talent and hire the right people – “A” players, high achievers, and top performers who are engaged and passionate about their work. But how do you screen for these important traits during the interview process to hire the best candidate for the job? Is there an interview method that would give you more confidence in your hiring decisions?

Discover Four Key Traits and How to Hire the Right People Using the HIRE with FIRE Method

HIRE with FIRE offers hiring managers and leaders from every industry, as well as top human resource professionals, a successful and easy-to-use method for selecting, interviewing, and hiring today’s best and brightest talent. With over two decades of recruiting and talent management experience, authors, Denise and Randy Wilkerson offer a unique interview method designed to help you hire top performers, develop great teams, and create an engaging workforce.

In addition to discussing best practices, the authors explore how to interview and how to hire the right people through their interview method, “HIRE with FIRE.” The HIRE with FIRE method offers four key qualities found in A-players and teaches you how to screen for these important traits.

Through their discussions and comments from other leading management professionals, the question of how to hire the right people for a job becomes clear and you will develop a more systematic approach to interviewing and hiring, limiting decisions based on gut reaction.

Explore the Principles of a Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method

HIRE with FIRE takes an educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking look into the interview and hiring process. The authors believe that creating an engaged workforce starts with how you hire and who you hire. For this reason, they discuss how the employer-employee relationship begins to develop as early as your company’s first interaction with the candidate.

As you read HIRE with FIRE, you will take an inside look into the mind of the candidate and hiring manager as they progress through the hiring process. With HIRE with FIRE, you will gain insight into your own processes that might cause you to challenge your current interviewing techniques. By comparing the hiring process to a personal relationship, you will view hiring from a broader human relationship perspective.

The authors create a relationship-driven hiring plan for you to follow. Their insight will help you build successful relationships with candidates and future employees that will benefit your company for years to come.

Who Should Read HIRE with FIRE?

Whether you are a CEO, a human resource manager, experienced or new to hiring, HIRE with FIRE will show you how to hire the best people –who will set your company apart from the competition. Although geared toward the hiring authorities, those seeking employment can also gain a unique perspective into what employers want in their new employees.

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