What To Do When You Are Downsized?

You’ve been downsized… now what?  The most important point to realize is that even if you were let go from a particular company, you are still valuable. Downsizing can be hard – on even the most confident person’s ego – and without confidence, it is hard to sell yourself during the interview process.

If you have not been downsized yet but it remains a possibility with your current employer, start a file now to use for your “brag book.” Gather your achievements now, and if you are later downsized, remember to get a letter of reference from the employer indicating you were not dismissed based upon performance. These steps will help remove all doubt from any potential employers’ minds about why you are not currently employed. Knowing what to do when you are downsized and having a plan to move forward will help you get back into the workforce more quickly.

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An excerpt from INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED! written by Denise and Randy Wilkerson

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