How does the candidate experience impact your employer brand?

With websites that allow candidates and employees to review and rate your company, your reputation has never mattered more! Your company’s brand is more than just the products you sell—it is also your company’s culture, how you treat your employees, and the people you interact with outside of your organization (the candidates you don’t hire). Today, this is termed as your employer brand.

Many factors can determine your company’s employer brand and your ability to attract top talent.  One of those factors, is the candidate’s interview experience.  Candidates remember  and often share with others how they are treated throughout the interview and hiring process and this may impact your ability to attract top talent in the future.

We believe that the employee-employer relationship starts with the initial interaction, whether that is by email, phone or face-to-face contact.  During this interaction, you are hoping to pique their interest and curiosity about the position and your company.  But, how do you keep their interest?

The book, HIRE with FIRE,  offers hiring managers and human resource professionals strategies to enhance the candidate’s experience throughout the entire interview and hiring process.  We believe that through the HIRE with FIRE strategies, your company will hire engaged employees who will drive more business and exceed your customers’ expectations.  The book, HIRE with FIRE: The Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method also offers hiring managers and human resource professionals interviewing strategies designed to help hire the right people.

By improving the candidate experience during the interview process you will hire engaged employees and improve your employer brand.  this can make recruiting top talent fast and easy!


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