Job Interview Preparation- #1 Interview Tip

One very important trait that stands out in the candidates that typically get hired.   They are “in it to win it!”  It may sounds cliché, but it is true. Candidates who invest themselves during the interview process are more prepared.  They not afraid to go the extra mile to travel to an interview, buy a new suit, get a haircut before an interview, study the company’s website, and send a thank you note to their interviewer.  These are the qualities that help them “stand-out” during the interview process!  Yes, it cost them – it costs them time, energy, and sometimes, even money.

Job Interview Preparation

Interviewing takes investment!  So, let’s discuss one of the biggest ways you can invest without spending money.

The #1 way to show an employer you are invested in the opportunity is to be prepared.  The more you understand about the company and job you are applying for, the easier it will be for you to explain why you want to work there.  And often that is one of the first questions employers ask.

But, being prepared does not mean just knowing why you want to work there.  It is also knowing who you are and what skills you offer that would benefit a potential employer.  By thoroughly understanding the company’s mission, products, services and what the job duties will be before the interview, you will have a great advantage.  Think deeply about the position you are applying for.  What will the challenges be?  How can you help the company be more successful?  After investing time in preparation for your next interview, you may just get the job.

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