KY3 Career Fair- Meet Employment and Career Authors

Employment and career authors Denise and Randy Wilkerson will be live at the KY3 Career Fair in Springfield, Missouri on Friday, April 1st. Together, the couple has amassed years of experience in the areas of recruiting, medical sales, nursing, education, and career coaching. Their conversational approach and specific tips and topics have helped thousands of candidates for over twenty-five years. Additionally, many medical sales organizations have depended upon their recruitment firm, Global Edge Recruiting, to provide them with the finest candidates for their organization.

Experts in Recruiting and Career Coaching

How do they do it? HIRE with FIRE was written for employers and outlines how to interview and select the best candidates. Likewise, INTERVIEW WITH DESIRE and GET HIRED was written for the candidates, describing proven steps and methods to get the job they really want. Denise and Randy understand client and candidate needs and how to bring together the perfect match! Stop by their booth for a visit and pick up a copy of one of their inspirational books.

Ace the next Job Interview

Interview with Desire and Get Hired

INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED was written to help you ace the interview, sell yourself, and get your dream job. The authors provide valuable interview tips, as well as information on how to prepare for an interview. Their insight will enhance your interview skills, transform how you view your personal brand and give you a glimpse inside the mind of the interviewer.

Learn how to showcase your skills, character, past accomplishments, and enthusiasm to the interviewer. By marketing these traits, you will increase your confidence and gain a competitive advantage over other candidates.

Employers Interview Guide to Hire the Right Candidates

HIRE with FIREis an educational and entertaining hiring book that acts as an interview guide for managers who want to hire the right people – engaged, A players, high achievers, and top performers.

In this noteworthy hiring book, you will explore best practices for recruitment, interviewing, and hiring. The authors offer four key traits to help you recruit, select and hire the right people. In addition, through their relationship-driven approach to interviewing and hiring, you will build an engaged workforce filled with top performers. The processes discussed are designed to improve the candidate experience, teach you how to interview, how to hire employees, build your employer brand, recruit top talent, and create an engaging work culture.

Both books are available in audiobook format, e-book, paperback, and hardback today on Amazon by visiting the following links:   Interview with Desire and Get Hired and  Hire with Fire.


Rescheduled to April 1st, 2022  11 a.m. – 7 p.m.  At the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, E-Plex East Hall

KY 3 Career Fair participants will receive a discounted promotional price for each book of only $12.00 the day of the event.

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